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Revision History

V1.5 R1 (19) [2016-02-27]

Because this version has been built with VS2015, it is not clear, whether the extension runs in versions VS2010, VS2012 or VS2013 (though VS2013 seems to work fine when VS2015 is installed as well).
  • Fixed: Handling new C#6 features:
    • Expression bodied properties, functions and indexers.
    • Interpolated strings ($"...") -> ignored completely.
  • Fixed: Selecting the resources grid when unfocused was jumping weirdly.
  • Changed: .NET Framework V4.5.2.
  • New: Using Visual Studio 2015 (using result of VSPackage Builder without the extension as it sadly exists only for VS2010).
  • New: Uses NuGet Packages:
    • Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.14.0
    • Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.Interop.12.0
V1.3 R7 (18) [2015-08-07]
  • New: extension.vsixmanifest updated for Visual Studio 2015 (V14.0)
V1.3 R6 (17) [2014-01-12]
  • New: extension.vsixmanifest updated for Visual Studio 2013 (V12.0)
  • New: Option to use verbatim string literals (preceded by @ character) as "ignore" filter criteria. Thanks to Jean-Yves G. for the suggestion.
V1.3 R5 (16) [2013-07-10]
  • Fixed: VS2012: Broken behavior for automatically checking out ResX. Thanks to Piggy.
  • Fixed: VS2012: Make selection background blue even when DataGrid is unfocused.
V1.3 R4 (15) [2012-12-30]
  • Fixed: Wrong column number parsed in single line function (e.g. get/set). Thanks to Game.Dev.
  • Fixed: Global resource file for VB did not work (should be in directory "My Project" instead of "Properties").
V1.3 R3 (14) [2012-10-03]
  • Fixed: Undo did incorrectly change the line numbers in table.
  • Changed: Removed automatic resource name indexing.
  • Changed: Ignore number strings now also ignores decimal numbers (" 1234.56 ").
  • Improved: Some more information on the settings window.
V1.3 R2 (13) [2012-09-14]
  • Fixed: "Making" a string resource left the table of string literals blank (due to "improvement" in Build 11).
  • Improved: Sped up inserting resource call when "making" a string resource.
V1.3 R1 (12) [2012-09-12]
  • New: Option to store all string resources in one resource file global to the project.
V1.2 R4 (11) [2012-07-21]
  • Improved: Rescan while editing no longer with timer and complete but direct and selective (only what has been changed) -> partly more responsive.
  • Reworked: Code generators (VSPackage Builder) cleaned up (spaces no tabs, result code formatted to my likes).
V1.2 R3 (9) [2012-06-27]
  • Fixed: Handling empty string literals (locations behind did not match).
  • Fixed: Closing and reopening tool window with same editor window active did not rescan.
  • Fixed: Rescan did not look for nearest string resource (mark in table and mark next string literal when cursor in same line).
  • Fixed: After editing the next string literal in same line has been marked.
V1.2 R2 (7) [2012-06-11]
  • New: extension.vsixmanifest updated for Visual Studio 2012 (V11.0)
V1.2 R1 (6) [2012-06-09]
  • New: Initial release for Visual Studio 2010

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