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There are some settings for reducing the amount of string literals to be found:
  1. "Ignore strings with # characters or less": string literals with the given amount of characters (or less) will not be listed.
  2. "Ignore white space strings": string literals containing nothing but white space or tabulator characters (in this case "\t" is not considered a white space because in code it consists of two characters) will not be listed.
  3. "Ignore number strings": string literals containing nothing but leading/trailing white space characters and numbers (also decimal numbers) will not be listed.
  4. "Ignore verbatim strings": verbatim string literals (preceded by @ character, C#) will not be listed.
  5. "Use global resource file SRB_Strings.Resources.resx": all string resources will be stored into the resource file with the given name (no name for the standard global resource file) placed into the Properties (My Project for VB) directory of the project or if not available in the project root.
  6. "Ignore these Strings": string literals found in this list (exact match) will not be listed.
  7. "Ignore Strings containing these strings": string literals containing one of the the given sub-strings will not be listed.
  8. "Ignore these Methods or Functions": string literals within the given methods or functions (at the moment the names are class-independent, may be subject to change by preceding the class name) will not be listed.
  9. ToDo: "Ignore Arguments of these Methods or Functions": string literals within the calling arguments of the given methods or functions will not be listed. ToDo
These settings might influence the performance of the code parsing, especially when using a lot of 'Ignore strings'.

Screen shots

Options tab
Settings window "Options" tab

Strings tab
Settings window "Strings" tab

Methods & Functions tab
Settings window "Methods & Functions" tab

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