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The tool is started via the Tools menu:
Tools Menu

The presentation of the tool window within the IDE:
Tool Window

For a 'description' of the buttons (reload, navigate, make, settings) in the tool window please refer to their tool tips. There is a settings window available (rightmost button) for some filtering.

The main area of the tool window holds the found string literals of the currently active source window (C# and VB.NET only).
  • The first column holds the resource name to-be, which can be edited before making the resource.
  • The second column displays the string literal itself.
  • The third column holds the location (line and column) of the string literal within the code window.
Double-clicking into one of the two rightmost columns will jump to and mark the string literal in the source code. This is also true for the navigation buttons (arrows) of the tool bar.

Changed since build 11
Editing the source code while the tool window is open will result to a refresh, meaning that the source code will be re-parsed for string literals. This happens immeadiately after a key stroke within the code window. This might lead to some performance problems while typing.

Hint: It is recommended to close the tool window while coding because of possible performance hits.

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